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Make the Best Choices for your Product through Amazon SEO/PPC

Started your business but no Sales yet? Are you spending a lot on Amazon PPC Campaigns with no results? Getting higher ACOS with fewer conversions? Then Don’t worry, You’re at the right place! As an Amazon PPC Specialist, We’ve helped 50+ brands, across the Major category, to improve sales, profit, PPC performance, and brand awareness on the Amazon platform. Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns are not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of complications that we can face. The most commons are higher ACOS and higher Spending with no results. We’ll need to research our customers and our competitors to find out what type of search queries they are putting into the Amazon Ads and where our competitors are getting benefitted by us.

Amazon PPC Setup and Optimization process

In-Depth Listing Audit

A detail audit of your listing to get all the important data of your product.

Research and Analysis

We will do competitor analysis and market research to check the potential of your product.

Listing and Images

We will check if required front-end and back-end optimization.

Ongoing Optimization

Audit all the ongoing campaigns to collect all the relevant information for optimization.

New Setup and Ranking

Setup some new Campaigns and prepare a launch strategy based on our research and analysis.

VFM Digital Marketing Strategy for Amazon SEO/PPC

Amazon SEO/PPC - Pay Per Click, SEM- Search engine Marketing, VFM Digital Marketing
  • We will analyse product, market and do proper keywords research along with competitor analysis by using Helium 10.
  • An Eye Opening SEO Title with Top Ranking Search Terms.
  • Product Description by HTML Formatted Storytelling Description.
  • Our experts will fix old campaigns and analyse their data.
  • We will create sponsored products and sponsored brands campaigns and allocate your budget.
  • Optimize campaigns, bids, keywords, and placements to boost visibility and increase your sales.
  • Boost the Traffic & Sales in Both Organic & Paid. 
  • Increase ROAS and reduce ACOS while improving the ranking of listing.
  • We will keep you updated by Weekly Reports and assure our availability 24/7 customer support.

VFM Digital Marketing's Amazon SEO/PPC Package

Market Places
India, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia & Singapore

Indian Clients
₹ 3,000/Month or 15% of PPC Spend

(Whichever is the Higher)

Other Countries
$ 300/Month or 2% of PPC Spend

(Whichever is the Higher)

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